Our History

Founded by an experienced team of staffing professionals and business executives, Abba Staffing & Consulting was built around core beliefs that include integrity, values, ethics, discipline, a strong work ethic, and respect for our clients and associates. Today, those same beliefs continue to guide us and drive our success. We are proud to have among our clients a number of Christian, non-profit, and federal, state, and local government organizations who focus on improving the communities we serve and the world around us. Other clients include an international airport, professional sports franchises and venues, school districts, municipalities, call centers, top hotels and convention centers, trucking and logistics companies, numerous small businesses, and the nation's leading retailers.

Our Leadership

Today's Abba Staffing & Consulting ownership and management teams have extensive staffing, recruiting, HR, and executive leadership experience and expertise. This experience has enabled us to be an established leader in our service areas. Our industry knowledge, business understanding, and commitment to client satisfaction are key reasons why Abba Staffing is a first choice for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

The Process

At Abba Staffing & Consulting, we are constantly recruiting, testing, and qualifying new applicants for a variety of positions. The process always includes an in-depth interview and background and reference checks. Drug testing (five- or ten-panel) is performed when requested by the client. We have a vast pool of associates who are ready and available when you need them. Our "Performance Promise" guarantees that each associate exceeds your requested skills, experience, education and professional standards. 


Hands-on testing and statistically validated training programs are utilized for most leading software applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Windows, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat and much more. In addition, tests specific to behavioral characteristics and to disciplines such as call centers are are also available. 

Testing administered will relate directly to the open position and the skills required to perform expected duties. In most cases, we will already have a qualified applicant in our database ready to work, so your staffing needs will be met very quickly.

On-Site Management

Abba Staffing & Consulting also has an On-Site Management program to effectively oversee large projects and high-volume placements


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